About us

Take your seat to the next gen Commercial Real Estate technology


Why Spatialzr?

At Spatialzr, we have a keen passion about transforming commercial real estate and urban planning through technology.

We have made it our mission to unleash the potential of geographic data to enable our clients to make decisions more quickly, optimize their strategies, and succeed in an ever-evolving market.

Our vision

Data-Driven Impact Real Estate Investment

We believe in a future where every real estate decision is based on reliable data and in-depth analysis. Our vision is to become the preferred partner of commercial real estate professionals by providing them with innovative tools that transform the way they approach location, site selection, and market analysis.

Our values

Impact property investment

Sustainable development

We are motivated by the desire to build sustainable cities, by promoting densification, the conservation of resources and the creation of resilient urban environments. That's why our system's recommendations emanate from a responsible land use strategy, promoting densification and avoiding land artificialisation.

ESG Framework

The current context reminds us of the importance of conserving resources with care. That's why we're preparing tomorrow's world today by encouraging sustainable behavior. Our commitment to the environment and to future generations is reflected in our recommendations to encourage the sober use of land, to promote neighborhoods for more human cities, to encourage sustainable mobility and to make climate change a central part of our real estate strategies.

Sutainable finance

In this way, our algorithms and the way we process data are shaped by a commitment to more responsible finance.


Data-Driven and Transparent Real Estate Investment

New era of CRE tech

The investment real estate sector is rapidly evolving, requiring a profound digital transformation. With Spatialzr, you gain consistent and informed information, propelling your strategy to new heights.

A strong data and business intelligence management

That's why we have developed a comprehensive solution that collects, processes, and harmonizes data uniformly, providing our clients with reliable and consistent information, regardless of the location. This approach enables us to respond and measure the impact of a decision more quickly and efficiently.


Responsible Commitment to Our Clients' Data

Data ethics policy

Our approach to customer data is far from ordinary. We do not use customer data to fuel our databases.

Data compliance

We use open data with distribution or open access licenses while respecting citations. The data required for creating our prediction and machine learning models are acquired transparently. At Spatialzr, our commitment to our customers goes beyond current practices, ensuring ethical and responsible use of every piece of data.

Lean product development & UX/UI design are in our ❤️

User experience is at the heart of our concerns, as a product is only valuable if it is used. That's why we've designed our tools to be adaptable over time. Our product development process involves multiple interactions with our users to ensure our best execution and your satisfaction.

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